Tuesday, September 25, 2018

15 amazing video game facts you don't know.

video game facts


We all know the Pokemon Go mobile game viral so much all over the world. Everywhere people just catching pokemon. You know Satoshi Tajiri named developer who created the full pokemon series was inspired by a butterfly. Yes, in childhood he had a wish to catch a caterpillar and saw them turn in to a butterfly.


I can bet, there is no any person who hasn't heard about Super Mario game. But the fact is Mario's last name/surname is also Mario. So the full name is Mario Mario. Mario can break the wall with his head,ehh so painful na...but the fact is if you look closely he actually lift his hand up then broke the wall.


You must be heard about devil may cry, this is a famous popular video game. This game had started with a failed resident evil game. During making, the game made as a resident evil game but that had failed, later on, the game made as a devil may cry.

super mario


If you don't know the world most expensive video game, let me tell you that is released in 2013 and that was the Grand theft auto 4(GTA 5). More than 137 million dollars was invested to make this game and the advertisement cost take 128 million dollars. Until now this is the most expensive video game.


Do you know Henry Cavill? I 'm sure you definitely know him. If you watch Superman movie the actor Henry Cavill was the Superman of that film. But you know he almost misses this chance to be a superman, the invitation call almost get missed because was he play world of war croft video game.


Microsoft Xbox was the first ever video game console which had introduced the HD Tv support. Before that time any gaming system couldn't support the HD Tv.

video game facts


Do you know PlayStation 2 was the first video game console which had introduced the DVD technology. Before that time in the normal gaming system not used DVD.


So many people told always you playing video is bad. Children couldn't concentrate their studies, getting violent. But many research says that who played actions video game their decision making power getting improved they can take decisions accurately, they can navigate quickly anything or they can find their partner easily in the crowd.


Jack Thompson who is a lawyer, sent a letter to Bill Gates and say that the peoples who were dead in Virginia, United State cause of gunfire just because of you and your operating system. There is a very famous game CS: Go only for windows computer and for that people inspired and did gunfire in public. Which make no sense.

video game facts


You might get shocked that Rockstar games offer money to press for doing negative reviews on them


In 2011 a 46-year-old man tried to kill a 13-year-old girl just because in call of duty game she always kills the man in multiplayer mode. Sometimes a video game fight turns in to a real life-fighting situation. Which is wrong it shouldn't happen.

Facts 12:

You know so many types of video games are made. In  Australia, that type of game where use illegal drugs treated as a crime as child-pornography, that much strict rule has been made there. For example in any game shows or use illegal drugs which are so rare, that case this comes in a crime as child-pornography.

video game facts

Facts 13:

In South Korea, below 16-year-old kid, if playing video games after 12AM that treated as illegal.

Fact 14:

You might get shocked that Brazil taxes 120% on a video game. Because their old law says that video and gambling come into the same category.

Fact 15:

You must play the game donkey kong. Where a gorilla imprisons a princess then Mario saved her. But whats the story behind it? Basically, donkey kong is the pet of Mario. But Mario didn't take care of him properly, and that's why donkey kong takes revenge from Mario By imprison his princess.