Tuesday, October 2, 2018

8 Video games you can play on 2GB RAM.

8 Video games you can play on 2GB RAM.
If you have a budget computer with low specs but still want to play games. This list of games you can play on your computer. You obviously can not play GTA 5 but there is some good game you would like.

1.Assassins Creed 1:

Oh my god, what a game. I play this game when I have only 2 GB ram and Intel integrated graphics. In this game, your role is of an assassin named Altair. Though he is an assassin, his goal is to spread peace. His enemies are templars, who also wants to spread peace, The game takes you time in pas thousands of years ago. You killed the bad king. You have some special power which made you different from others.
So good game, if you have 2GB RAM and integrated graphics easily can play this game.


I personally liked this game. The graphics of this game is so good. The storyline of this game is also good. You play the role of Deadpool, you know who is Deadpool he is a superhero. He has super healing power whenever he gets injured during a fight can be healed himself. 
Very interesting game. When I checked the minimum requirements I see only 2GB ram and Intel graphics can easily handle this game in medium settings.

3.Total Overdose: 

Total Overdose is an open world third person shooting game. Where you play a role of Ramiro Cruz who is a secret undercovered DEA agent take revenge for his father's and brother's died. Some corrupt DEA agent killed his father. The game takes you in Mexico gunfight with the gangster.

4.Project IGI 1 and 2:

legendary game of that era almost everyone plays this game. Here you play the role of an agent Devid Jones his name. This is a first-person shooting game. You have to complete the mission task completely alone. All the gears you have for gunfighting. So an interesting game. Part 1 is so easy but part 2 is a little difficult.

5.GTA vice city:

Yes, you can play GTA with 2GB ram with a dedicated graphics card. Tommy Vercetti main character of this game. This is an open world game you can do anything you want in this killing people, stole cars, basically all things you can do in an open world game. the graphics quality of this game is good. With 2GB ram you can play easily this game.

6. Assassins Creed Brotherhood:

This game is so popular among assassins creed's fan. This game can be easily played on a low-end computer. even if you have no any graphics card you can still play using intel integrated graphics. Play this game if you completed Assassin's Creed 1 and 2. The game takes you in Past timeline and becomes an assassin's. I am a big fan of Assassin's Creed series.

7.NFS Most Wanted:

NFS Most Wanted is a racing game. If you haven't played yet and you're a fan of the racing game, I recommend you should play this game. So good racing game. If you looking for a racing game for low-end pc you can play this game.

8.Left 4 dead:

This is a horror survival game. Let me tell you if you are a weak hearted person this game is not for you. Left 4 dead 1 and left 4 dead 2 both are the very good survival game. Basically, you have to survive in this game with your teammate, fighting with zombies You can play this online as well as offline. You can play easily this game on a low-end pc.
If you have Intel graphics media accelerator it will help you more.

Monday, September 10, 2018

|Bottleneck|What is bottleneck in pc?How to fix bottleneck?

What is the Bottleneck?

If you first time plan to build a gaming pc you should get familiar with term bottleneck. What is that mean and how much it effects on your gaming performance? How to find them and how to avoid bottleneck.
Before we start talking about the pc component lets take an example, imagine a bottle of water and let's turn it upside as a result we can see the waterfalls down only at a rate which the opening allows. The wider opening the rate of waterfalls will be faster and if we smaller the opening, the waterfalls rate will be decreased. Let's implement the same concept for pc.
Imagine that instead of water we have frames and these frame displayed on your monitor. The bottle opening represents any component in your system that may restrict the number of frames that could potentially be displayed. That is called bottleneck. The most common in pc gaming is CPU and GPU bottleneck.

CPU bottleneck:

CPU bottleneck means it will be restricting the potential number of frames being drawn from your GPU. Your CPU is not just powerful enough to cooperate with GPU. Consider a game which runs on 60 frames per second equal to 1 frame every 16.67 milliseconds. The CPU sending some data including texture, shaded, rendering objects to the GPU render this frame and displayed to monitor. During the rendering, CPU prepare the next frame for GPU which to be rendered. So here is no bottleneck. The CPU and GPU both take the same time(16.67 milliseconds) to perform their task.
If CPU is weaker but the GPU is powerful the time taken by CPU and GPU will be different.GPU render faster than CPU can prepare them and this is right here bottleneck.GPU can render the frames every 16.67 milliseconds but the CPU needs 25 milliseconds to prepare them. That 25 millisecond CPU is doing many works, preparing the frame date such as AI, game logic, physics and other background tasks that may be occurring in other programs these tasks increase the load on the CPU.

That's why some games are CPU intensive than others for example call of duty multiplayer is quite CPU intensive. As there is a lot of network data, game logic, and physics to handle.Whereas riding your horse in Witcher 3 is a lot less CPU intensive.

GPU bottleneck:

Despite CPU bottlenecks is a bad thing when it comes to gaming. A GPU bottleneck is actually desirable essentially what this means is that your CPU is processing all of the data faster than GPU can render it resulting in 100% utilization of your GPU. At first, that sounds bad right but seeing your GPU is what renders and displays the frames to your monitor in the first place the fact that it is rendering 100% of the frame that it possibly can is a good thing and that's exactly what you want when you are gaming.

How to fix bottlenecks?

There is no permanent solution to fix 100% bottleneck but few ways that you can reduce CPU bottlenecking in your PC and improve your gaming performance. Close the all background task and program which is unnecessary all those chrome tabs that you forget. You'll able to reduce the load on your CPU and hence the game data process lot faster. You can overclock your CPU it'll be able to process the game date a lot quicker. For the permanent solution, you have to change the CPU.