Monday, September 17, 2018

AMD vs Intel:Which is better for gaming?

AMD vs Intel|AMD||intel|
Hi, guys
whenever you plan to build a computer one thing you must be confused that which CPU gives me the best performance. some people say Intel is better or some people says AMD is better. But the fact is before 2017 intel was the king in gaming, productivity, server except for console market, the console market is complete for AMD.In 2017 AMD new zen architecture based Ryzenprocesser cames in the market.


Talking about true gaming performance Intel is slightly better than AMD. If you play in 1080p at ultra settings with a mid-range graphics card, in that case, AMD and Intel give an almost same performance, yeah you may notice some 10-15% frame drops but it only happens when you play at high fps. If you want only high fps and doesn't care about graphics quality, texture, shadow,
so in that case no doubt Intel is better. Intel's high clock speed, better IPC, better architecture can give you high fps. But if you play in 1080p at ultra high setting with good graphics quality, good texture, good details, there is no any difference noticeable between AMD and Intel, because for graphics quality all the work done by your graphics card, so no matter what processor you have.

so It depends on you "what type of gaming you want to do?" High settings with good graphics, good details, a high resolution, I recommend go for AMD processor because AMD is cheaper than Intel, and processing power is also high, which gives you an overall good performance. Not just gaming even in productivity AMD gives you better performance. And if you want only high fps intel is best.
AMD vs Intel|AMD||intel|


No doubt in productivity AMD plays the game. It's not mean that Intel is bad for productivity, but the value AMD offers at a low price in productivity Intal doesn't do that. AMD's threadripper processor cost you nearly $1000 but if you looking for Intel i9 extreme processor it cost you up to $1500-$1600.So the price gap is huge. But some of the software which uses in productivity doesn't perform that good with AMD's architecture, for example, Adobe premiere pro. In that case, I recommend you to buy a Ryzen 7 processer because if buy threadripper processor you won't get good performance and also your money get wasted. But In 3D and animation threadripper is much better than Intel

AMD vs Intel|AMD||intel|
All of you must be heard "Intel inside and disappoint outside".Meaning that intel charge you a high price but the core count and thread count was always poor compared to AMD. Though it completely changes with Intel's coffee leak CPU, coffee leak CPU gives an extra 2 core in I7, I5, even in I3. But all of these are now past. Intel offers you high core count, high thread count, and clock speed is also good that's why Intel processor is slightly better than AMD.

Laptop Market:

The complete laptop market dominated by Intel.AMD still exist in laptop market but not that good nowadays almost all the laptop comes with an Intel processor. The main reason is that laptops are thinly designed also runs on the battery so the power usage also should be low. Intel high architecture, high IPC processor is needed for that, the mobile series processor can give better performance with low core and thread which is good for battery power.