Wednesday, September 12, 2018

|PC VS CONSOLES|Which is better?

pc vs console
There is a huge war still going between pc and consoles in the gaming industry. Everyone thought is different some of you says pc is better or some of you says consoles are better. If we talked about facts

#Fact 1:

A high-end gaming pc gives you much better performance compared to consoles(PS4, Xbox). The graphics quilty of the pc as compared to a normal console will much better.

#fact 2:

At which price you get a console and if you build a pc with a similar price you wouldn't get that performance which a console can give you. So there comes out two-point, performance? or how much your budget?.

#Fact 3:

In a console you can only gaming or little bit internet browsing, play youtube videos. But in gaming pc, you not even play a game also do all the other thing which a computer can do, because its whole a computer right. So that's an advantage you get here.
pc vs console


If we talk about portability or flexibility, you just connect your console with your tv, sit on your couch or sofa and play games. But for a pc, not that case you do not feel that flexibility, you have to sit on the chair and using keyboard and mouse on a small screen. Talk about Xbox Kinect feature where you can play games by standing in front of the tv which you can't do with pc. So the question is what you want If your budget is so high I will recommend building a high-end gaming pc and if you can connect it with your Tv(ha ha ha), if you can not do that so there is no make any sense. You could do that bought a console(Playstation or Xbox) connect with the tv and keep a normal computer for the other works. But if your mood is top of the line gaming with ultra high-end graphics so that case you have to build a gaming pc but mind you the price of that pc will so much high.
pc vs console

All the gaming titles or new release game definitely came first for a console as compared to pc. If you buy a PS4 and use the remote play feature you can play PS4 game easily anywhere not only PS4, Xbox can do that. So there is totally depends on you what you want.
Graphics quilty definitely PC. Low budget graphics definitely gaming console, flexibility: a gaming console, productivity: PC, easy of access definitely console.
I think you understand the points and able to choose for your needs.