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||LAPTOP VS DESKTOP|:which one you should buy for gaming?

Laptop vs Desktop: Which one you should buy for gaming?

laptop vs desktop

you all know about games and gaming even if mobile game, pc game, and console or might be you have played some mobile games but in mobile, you may not get that awesome gaming experience or the environment. You probably heard about pc games or even see gameplays on a computer and you also want to play on pc. But if you go out and search for a computer you find there is basically two type of computer available in the market for gaming. Yes, a gaming laptop or gaming desktop. You might be wonder which one you should buy, which gives you better output for gaming or even in other works.

What is the different between a normal computer(laptop or desktop) and a gaming computer?

Guys, The main difference is in their usability like for which purpose you going to use the computer? Normal computer made for doing normal task, like for office work, doing class projects, check emails, data analysis or for the entertainment can do all of this on your normal computer but you can't do gaming on that, for gaming you must need a high-end computer or you could say a gaming computer. Though all that normal works you could easily do that the majority of purpose is for gaming, not the other things. And that makes a gaming computer deference from others.

But why people not buying or build a high-end computer rather than a normal computer? well, the main reason is "cost" a gaming computer is way more costly than a normal computer.
OK, Now here are some important points to find which is better for gaming a laptop or a desktop. or which one you should buy. The points will be based on only for true gaming.

Which is better?PC VS CONSOLES

1.Buying affordability:

straightforward to the point if you don't want to stick to buying lots of parts then fit them or you have no time to sit properly and research for the perfect can go for the gaming laptop. Just go the shop and choose the machine and the which company's you want to buy and bring that home, how much time and effort you spend? nothing. The good thing is that if you faced some problem on gaming laptop just call the company from which one you bought that laptop and tell your problem or go to the service center that's it, rest of the work leave on them.

But if you going to build a desktop you have to buy all the individual parts one by one and that's might be time-consuming. Going to the market searching for the correct parts for your needed and that really hard for a new gamer. If you find that this part is not working properly, go again to the shop and replace that.As you bought different parts from different companies so there is nowhere you can go for service. You need to do repair it your self.

2.GPU performance:

For a gaming laptop or desktop, GPU is the main important component or you could say the heart of the gaming computer. With out graphics card nearly impossible to run a 3D game. You might heard some of graphics card Nvidia GTX 980 or GTX 980m, so what the different ? Graphics card is a little bit bigger than other components, to install a graphics card you need space and on a laptop, there is nearly no space. So the company made a mobile version of the GTX 980, which is GTX 980M.So the can fit it into the laptop.
laptop vs desktop

If you talked about desktop you could easily fit that graphics card because there is so many space in a desktop cabinet. Talking about performance GTX 980 is gives much better performance then GTX 980M. The same rule applied on AMD graphics card. If you compare the AMD Radeon R9 380 with AMD Radeon MR9 380 you will get only half of the performance on mobile version as compared to a desktop version.
laptop vs desktop,nvidia gtx 1080t

Nvidia 10 series graphics card the GTX 1050, GTX 1060, GTX 1070, and GTX 1080, have dropped the 'M' from the end of the number when designed for a laptop. Because now you can expect almost the same performance from both version but still there is a 5-10% difference.

3.RAM upgrade:

laptop vs desktop

For gaming, you do need high amount of RAM. More RAM, more smooth gameplay. Yeah, need to upgrade RAM after a certain amount of time. All the newest or latest game need at least 8GB RAM so this is important to upgrade. In a gaming laptop, you do get a slot left so you could easily put another ram stick, for a gaming laptop you could upgrade easily up to 32GB. which is a good thing.
On the other hand, you can also upgrade on a desktop. all gaming mother board support 64GB or even more then there will be not any problem regarding ram upgrade.

4.Upgrade and Flexibility:

In a gaming desktop, you get much upgrade option or flexibility compare to a gaming laptop.In a desktop, you could upgrade or change anything you want in future so easily. If you have a desktop already or want gaming on that you just need to upgrade you GPU or may be your CPU at least you don't need to buy again all those parts which you already have or may be your cooling system  because for gaming system produced so much heat so its most important to keep cool your desktop. But if you want to upgrade laptop you can do only ram upgrade or the hard drive that's it nothing more. You have to buy a new gaming laptop with good graphics

You just need to lose those 4 screws of the side of your cabinet and you ready for fit new parts but when you try this with a laptop you even not find where the screws are placed. opening a laptop such a complicated work. You might think I can carry out the laptop where ever I want, but one thing remember gaming laptop is way heavier from a normal laptop you can't carry easily you have to keep put on a desk.


The main point comes is the price. For gaming laptop with a decent gaming performance, you need to set your budget over 70000rs as laptop's all parts comes from only one company you haven't any control on price. All good company's which make gaming laptop cost you at least that much price or if you go lower you may get low performance, though you can still gaming on that but not much performance you get. On the other hand If you try to build desktop you may need to buy multiple parts so on you have fully choice to how much price I want to spend on that part,you pick some part with low price or pick some with high price and that's why the over all cost of the computer is much decrease. A 60000Rs gaming desktop gives you better performance with  the same price of a laptop.


So at the end, after all the necessary point are covered I would suggest go for a desktop. Because from all points of view if you go for build gaming desktop you wouldn't face any problem and if you consider gaming laptop it would help some period time but in future, you will have no option to upgrade, you have to buy another one. But for desktop, not that case.

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