Friday, September 14, 2018

|Graphics card comparison|:AMD vs Nvidia|Best and less|

GPU Compare: AMD vs. Nvidia

|Graphics card comparison|GPU compare:AMD vs Nvidia|Best and less|
You do lots of gaming on consoles you have PS4, Xbox now you want to move on pc gaming and plan to buy a new gaming pc. Whenever we talked about gaming pc build first thing comes to our mind is the graphics card. There is two big company Nvidia and AMD makes graphics card though Intel has announced there first dedicated card and will be launch in future. But for now, you have only two choices. However, there is only two, people always do mistakes during purchasing. Both brands make better video card or graphics card. I don't think there is any just flat answer or point to say that one is better than the other.

Usually, AMD comes the table with budget their price range is not so high from that perspective AMD beat Nvidia. Honestly, those things are cool goals for AMD getting the absolute best prices to the market to get the graphics card to you people. Now as far as your gaming goes you're gaining experience I don't think there will be any visual differents, mean to say that you sitting in front of your computer and gaming I don't really think you are going to see that much any difference. Now its true that Nvidia has hardware physics and AMD has software physics but still, I don't think you notice any issues. I am talking strictly about gaming you do only gaming on your computer not other things like streaming or video editing or rendering.

|Graphics card comparison|GPU compare:AMD vs Nvidia|Best and less|

Nvidia has G-Sync and AMD has free-sync(these are same but the name is different) and that's is the huge advantage you get from Nvidia card If you don't know what is G-Sync and free-sync these are basically the technology to help your monitor to work in sync with your video card or graphics card to eliminate screen tearing and all the other type of things in game that makes the gaming not so nice. As sounds AMD free -sync is completely free you have not pay for that and that is the software solution but the Nvidia's G-sync cost you few bucks more because is the hardware solution there is a physical chip inside your monitor for better sync with the graphics card If you are a hardcore gamer g-sync is very very important. Free-sync is good but g-sync works better.

If you plan to purchase a video card right now, and you're like hey I really really want a good deal honestly the best deal I can suggest right now across the board is even though it's older technology is an RX 580 and that cost you $300.It competes almost with 1070 it's a little bit slower in some cases but there's $200-$250 price difference between two cards.
|Graphics card comparison|GPU compare:AMD vs Nvidia|Best and less|
So here is the break up if you're a gamer and that's all you do you play games every day you're looking for a card that's going to produce lots of fps it's going to run nicely on your computer getting your self a GTX 1080 or RX 580. As long as you have the proper drivers and your card is running fine your gaming experience other than the fps is going to be pretty much same.

Like I mentioned before the big difference between two is the g-sync and the free-sync if you want the absolute best performance you want hardware solution then definitely you can go for Nvidia but it's cost you more money. If you are in a budget the RX 580 right now really really great deal.
I honestly hope that we see a new card from AMD very very soon because you guys all know the vega 56 and 64 even though they were kind of cool they still were not even what er are looking for or what we expecting.