Thursday, September 6, 2018

Dying Light 2:game overview,release date,trailer and more

What is dying light 2:

Dying light 2 is an upcoming first-person perspective survival horror role-playing video game developed by Techland. It will be the sequel of 2015's original Dying light. The game has been announced at E3 2018 press conference by the narrative game designer.

dying light 2

Dying light 2 game overview:

Dying light 2 is not just the sequel this will be the bold sequel. Dying light 2 comes with more challenging more action and a whole new world. The parkour movement highly upgraded or doubled and faster that's help you when you being chased by the human or even the infected. .The first person melee combat system is now more tactical, more brutal with lots of new moves. In the battlefield you have to observe your enemies, you have to see what they're doing you have to react to that, you have to use your parkour moves skill, fighting skill to deal with the enemies. In the game, you have to make some decision some choice through the gameplay, or dislodge or during exploration. Every different decision will have some consequence takes you to a unique path, not only path also change the world and the gameplay.
dying light 2
The game takes you in time 15 years after the event of the original dying light. Techland describes this time period as the "new dark age".In dying light 2, the plot is organic, depends on you how you handle or response in that situation in the zombie apocalypse. Your action will change the world around you.

Unlike Dying light, the infected appear in the night. The game focusing daypart for see that the law enforcement around you and might be thinking I am safe, all the guards around us. But you have to recognize them, they see you as a new character they have to aggressive with you and that really change the whole situation and then you have to compete for mission taking a decision.

Dying light 2 release date:

About the date, there is no any official confirmation from Techland. But Techland did announce that the game will be launched in 2019, next year

E3 Gameplay world premier:

E3 2018 announcement trailer: