Saturday, September 22, 2018

What is DPI?Difference between normal mouse and gaming mouse

gaming mouse
Whenever you go to the market or browse the e-commerce site for purchasing a mouse you might get confused, should I purchase this normal mouse or a gaming mouse? the gaming mouse is always costly than a normal mouse or yeah obviously get some extra feature on a gaming mouse. When we purchase we will get tons of suggestion regarding this, Ohh you should but this one it has that feature or you should this one etc. Gaming mouse manufacture company always says that we have that feature, we have 8000 dpi, RGB lighting, a lot of sensors etc and doing there marketing. But before compare, let's see what is dpi?

What is DPI?

you always notice in the specification that dpi:800/1600/3200. It's mean that mouse can give you up to 3200 dpi performance. DPI means "Dots Per Inch". Now, what's that mean? when you used your computer move your cursor you used your mouse. Now suppose you want to increase the speed of the cursor and for that, we used dpi function, for example, you move your mouse 2 inches, for that your cursor cover 2 pixels, now you set the dpi to 800 the cursor cover 4 pixels similarly in dpi 1600 cursor cover 8 pixels just only 2 inches moving your mouse. So for increase the speed we use dpi.

Difference between normal mouse and a gaming mouse:

gaming mouse
The normal mouse uses an optical sensor for tracking the position whereas gaming mouse uses the laser sensor for tracking because with the laser sensor gaming mouse can achieve the high dpi meaning that increase the sensitivity of that mouse. Talking about buttons the normal mouse comes with limited 3 buttons(left click, right click & scroll button). Other hands, in a gaming mouse you found more than 3 buttons some of has 7-8 buttons. An interesting thing is that you can manually assign the function of the buttons for your choice. Spouse, you are playing call of duty or battlefield you press the right key to fire, for reloading we usually press "R" key on the keyboard but in a gaming mouse, you can assign any button to reload which is placed the side of your mouse that can help you a lot.

Some advanced mouse comes with the module. some people have big hand or some people have small hand so they can remove some parts and fit other parts according to there comforts. Also, gaming mouse comes with weight module and can be adjustable according to your need. Whereas normal mouse, there's nothing you can change or adjust by yourself. If you are a gamer do purchase yourself a gaming mouse or you just doing normal work that case you don't need a gaming mouse, a normal mouse is good for that.