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Intel Pentium G4560:Is it worth to buy?

Is it worth to buy Intel Pentium G4560?

Intel Pentium G4560 gives you highest performance at lowest price. In price, to performance, nothing can beat this CPU at its price point. Pentium G4560 destroy i3 completely why? because of the G4560 cost you half of the i3 processor and gives the same performance. First-time intel gives the hyperthreading technology with Pentium G4560.

Basic Specification:

➤14 nm architecture
➤2 cores
➤4 thread
➤Base frequency 3.5 GHz
➤Contains hyperthreading
➤Cache 3mb
➤TDP 54W
➤Intel HD graphics 610

You could pair this CPU with Nvidia 1060 for best of the best gaming experience on full HD 1080p at ultra settings. But I wouldn't recommend you because of it's not a balanced build. Look this CPU has some limitation, some of the game use more CPU power so if the CPU did not generate enough power the frame rate will drop. However, this processor gives you the best performance with high GPU demand games Ex: Rise of the tomb raider, where GPU more important than CPU.

The best GPU for this processor is Nvidia 1050ti, gives you a decent performance on 1080p at high settings. But if you want very high ultra settings on 1080p and doesn't want one single frame drops, in that case, you need GTX1060. Now you might be thinking why I said before that 1050ti is the best? Why I won't recommend 1060? The reason is in some games G4560 bottlenecked GTX1060.
I know most of you don't play strategic games for ex: Total war, Ashes of the singularity etc. In this type games, Pentium G4560 bottlenecked so roughly. Or if you pair with 1050ti and set the setting high the CPU will never be bottlenecked.

Another reason is if you 1050ti with any other powerful processor it will give you an almost same result. Because though you pair 1050ti with powerful 8700k but here the limiting factor is the GPU, not the CPU. The frame-time-consistencies will suffer on Pentium G4560 but it's nearly negligible. At the end, I would say in simple language this is an excellent CPU for those who want to build a budget gaming pc with a decent performance. I have personally no problem with this CPU.


➤Value for money
➤Best price to performance ratio.
➤Best processor budget gaming.
➤Can pair with 1050ti without bottlenecking
➤Do video editing.
➤Hyperthreading technology


➤Always out of stock in the market.
➤HD Graphics 610
➤Locked multiplier

Tuesday, September 25, 2018

15 amazing video game facts you don't know.

video game facts


We all know the Pokemon Go mobile game viral so much all over the world. Everywhere people just catching pokemon. You know Satoshi Tajiri named developer who created the full pokemon series was inspired by a butterfly. Yes, in childhood he had a wish to catch a caterpillar and saw them turn in to a butterfly.


I can bet, there is no any person who hasn't heard about Super Mario game. But the fact is Mario's last name/surname is also Mario. So the full name is Mario Mario. Mario can break the wall with his head,ehh so painful na...but the fact is if you look closely he actually lift his hand up then broke the wall.


You must be heard about devil may cry, this is a famous popular video game. This game had started with a failed resident evil game. During making, the game made as a resident evil game but that had failed, later on, the game made as a devil may cry.

super mario


If you don't know the world most expensive video game, let me tell you that is released in 2013 and that was the Grand theft auto 4(GTA 5). More than 137 million dollars was invested to make this game and the advertisement cost take 128 million dollars. Until now this is the most expensive video game.


Do you know Henry Cavill? I 'm sure you definitely know him. If you watch Superman movie the actor Henry Cavill was the Superman of that film. But you know he almost misses this chance to be a superman, the invitation call almost get missed because was he play world of war croft video game.


Microsoft Xbox was the first ever video game console which had introduced the HD Tv support. Before that time any gaming system couldn't support the HD Tv.

video game facts


Do you know PlayStation 2 was the first video game console which had introduced the DVD technology. Before that time in the normal gaming system not used DVD.


So many people told always you playing video is bad. Children couldn't concentrate their studies, getting violent. But many research says that who played actions video game their decision making power getting improved they can take decisions accurately, they can navigate quickly anything or they can find their partner easily in the crowd.


Jack Thompson who is a lawyer, sent a letter to Bill Gates and say that the peoples who were dead in Virginia, United State cause of gunfire just because of you and your operating system. There is a very famous game CS: Go only for windows computer and for that people inspired and did gunfire in public. Which make no sense.

video game facts


You might get shocked that Rockstar games offer money to press for doing negative reviews on them


In 2011 a 46-year-old man tried to kill a 13-year-old girl just because in call of duty game she always kills the man in multiplayer mode. Sometimes a video game fight turns in to a real life-fighting situation. Which is wrong it shouldn't happen.

Facts 12:

You know so many types of video games are made. In  Australia, that type of game where use illegal drugs treated as a crime as child-pornography, that much strict rule has been made there. For example in any game shows or use illegal drugs which are so rare, that case this comes in a crime as child-pornography.

video game facts

Facts 13:

In South Korea, below 16-year-old kid, if playing video games after 12AM that treated as illegal.

Fact 14:

You might get shocked that Brazil taxes 120% on a video game. Because their old law says that video and gambling come into the same category.

Fact 15:

You must play the game donkey kong. Where a gorilla imprisons a princess then Mario saved her. But whats the story behind it? Basically, donkey kong is the pet of Mario. But Mario didn't take care of him properly, and that's why donkey kong takes revenge from Mario By imprison his princess.

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What Is Cloud Gaming?Advantages and disadvantages.

cloud gaming,cloud computing
I am pretty sure to all you guys must be heard the term cloud gaming. But what is it? in simple language, this is a way or technique to play games remotely through another computer or a server. For proper understanding, we need to know what is cloud computing and how it is work

What is cloud computing?

You know whenever we use the computer we used some resources such as hard disk, network, etc. What happens in cloud computing is that one computer can access resources data from another computer or server, the computer can use the others computer resources from data centers. Share resources such as network, storage, processing power etc. The data centers or server spread all over the world. In a normal computer, there is a storage device(hard disk) for storing data but if you need more storage you can either buy a hard disk or use the cloud computing service. Cloud computing simple language you can say, a service or a way to share your computer resources, data, storage, network through online.
cloud gaming,cloud computing

Now the same method or concept used in cloud gaming.

What is cloud gaming?

You have a low-end pc but still, want to play a high-end game with good graphics in that case cloud gaming can help you. In cloud gaming, you can use all the resources such as graphics processing, rendering, network remotely on your computer from the servers through online. With the cloud gaming, you no need to build a highly cost gaming setup or purchased a console with powerful processing and graphics power. Just with your normal computer, you can feel the same gaming experience as a high-end gaming setup. You just use your keyboard and mouse, all the processing and rendering work are done on the server, through the internet you used the resources such as processing power, graphics rendering power, etc.

In cloud gaming, though you do not need any high-end PC, you must need a very good internet connection. Because the resources share through online and all the gaming data such as rendering the texture, graphics, shadow, game physics, game mechanics are heavily processing task. So you need a good connection. Else it could be a big problem. Low-speed internet connection can lag your game.
cloud gaming,cloud computing

Advantages of cloud gaming:

➤ Don't need to buy a high budget gaming machine. You would not need to upgrade your PC or console
➤you can play on a window PC, Mac, Linux according to your choice. No matter what type of computer you have. Cloud gaming make the game platform-independent.
➤No maintenance required. In cloud gaming, you don't need to maintaining anything. 
➤Some games require download of 20GB 30GB or even more. With cloud gaming, you can play instantly without download anything.

Disadvantages of cloud gaming

➤Gamers need a good internet connection without any issue.
➤High internet connection not available in some area.with affordable price That might be a problem
➤Gamer can't play if the connectivity fails for some reason.
➤Cloud gaming require lots of bandwidth. Playing a game for 1hr may use more than 25GB bandwidth.
➤There are no many companies provided cloud gaming service, but there are few options like
Gaikai, Onlive etc
➤Cloud gaming service charge applicable to playing games.

Saturday, September 22, 2018

What is DPI?Difference between normal mouse and gaming mouse

gaming mouse
Whenever you go to the market or browse the e-commerce site for purchasing a mouse you might get confused, should I purchase this normal mouse or a gaming mouse? the gaming mouse is always costly than a normal mouse or yeah obviously get some extra feature on a gaming mouse. When we purchase we will get tons of suggestion regarding this, Ohh you should but this one it has that feature or you should this one etc. Gaming mouse manufacture company always says that we have that feature, we have 8000 dpi, RGB lighting, a lot of sensors etc and doing there marketing. But before compare, let's see what is dpi?

What is DPI?

you always notice in the specification that dpi:800/1600/3200. It's mean that mouse can give you up to 3200 dpi performance. DPI means "Dots Per Inch". Now, what's that mean? when you used your computer move your cursor you used your mouse. Now suppose you want to increase the speed of the cursor and for that, we used dpi function, for example, you move your mouse 2 inches, for that your cursor cover 2 pixels, now you set the dpi to 800 the cursor cover 4 pixels similarly in dpi 1600 cursor cover 8 pixels just only 2 inches moving your mouse. So for increase the speed we use dpi.

Difference between normal mouse and a gaming mouse:

gaming mouse
The normal mouse uses an optical sensor for tracking the position whereas gaming mouse uses the laser sensor for tracking because with the laser sensor gaming mouse can achieve the high dpi meaning that increase the sensitivity of that mouse. Talking about buttons the normal mouse comes with limited 3 buttons(left click, right click & scroll button). Other hands, in a gaming mouse you found more than 3 buttons some of has 7-8 buttons. An interesting thing is that you can manually assign the function of the buttons for your choice. Spouse, you are playing call of duty or battlefield you press the right key to fire, for reloading we usually press "R" key on the keyboard but in a gaming mouse, you can assign any button to reload which is placed the side of your mouse that can help you a lot.

Some advanced mouse comes with the module. some people have big hand or some people have small hand so they can remove some parts and fit other parts according to there comforts. Also, gaming mouse comes with weight module and can be adjustable according to your need. Whereas normal mouse, there's nothing you can change or adjust by yourself. If you are a gamer do purchase yourself a gaming mouse or you just doing normal work that case you don't need a gaming mouse, a normal mouse is good for that.

Monday, September 17, 2018

AMD vs Intel:Which is better for gaming?

AMD vs Intel|AMD||intel|
Hi, guys
whenever you plan to build a computer one thing you must be confused that which CPU gives me the best performance. some people say Intel is better or some people says AMD is better. But the fact is before 2017 intel was the king in gaming, productivity, server except for console market, the console market is complete for AMD.In 2017 AMD new zen architecture based Ryzenprocesser cames in the market.


Talking about true gaming performance Intel is slightly better than AMD. If you play in 1080p at ultra settings with a mid-range graphics card, in that case, AMD and Intel give an almost same performance, yeah you may notice some 10-15% frame drops but it only happens when you play at high fps. If you want only high fps and doesn't care about graphics quality, texture, shadow,
so in that case no doubt Intel is better. Intel's high clock speed, better IPC, better architecture can give you high fps. But if you play in 1080p at ultra high setting with good graphics quality, good texture, good details, there is no any difference noticeable between AMD and Intel, because for graphics quality all the work done by your graphics card, so no matter what processor you have.

so It depends on you "what type of gaming you want to do?" High settings with good graphics, good details, a high resolution, I recommend go for AMD processor because AMD is cheaper than Intel, and processing power is also high, which gives you an overall good performance. Not just gaming even in productivity AMD gives you better performance. And if you want only high fps intel is best.
AMD vs Intel|AMD||intel|


No doubt in productivity AMD plays the game. It's not mean that Intel is bad for productivity, but the value AMD offers at a low price in productivity Intal doesn't do that. AMD's threadripper processor cost you nearly $1000 but if you looking for Intel i9 extreme processor it cost you up to $1500-$1600.So the price gap is huge. But some of the software which uses in productivity doesn't perform that good with AMD's architecture, for example, Adobe premiere pro. In that case, I recommend you to buy a Ryzen 7 processer because if buy threadripper processor you won't get good performance and also your money get wasted. But In 3D and animation threadripper is much better than Intel

AMD vs Intel|AMD||intel|
All of you must be heard "Intel inside and disappoint outside".Meaning that intel charge you a high price but the core count and thread count was always poor compared to AMD. Though it completely changes with Intel's coffee leak CPU, coffee leak CPU gives an extra 2 core in I7, I5, even in I3. But all of these are now past. Intel offers you high core count, high thread count, and clock speed is also good that's why Intel processor is slightly better than AMD.

Laptop Market:

The complete laptop market dominated by Intel.AMD still exist in laptop market but not that good nowadays almost all the laptop comes with an Intel processor. The main reason is that laptops are thinly designed also runs on the battery so the power usage also should be low. Intel high architecture, high IPC processor is needed for that, the mobile series processor can give better performance with low core and thread which is good for battery power.

Friday, September 14, 2018

|Graphics card comparison|:AMD vs Nvidia|Best and less|

GPU Compare: AMD vs. Nvidia

|Graphics card comparison|GPU compare:AMD vs Nvidia|Best and less|
You do lots of gaming on consoles you have PS4, Xbox now you want to move on pc gaming and plan to buy a new gaming pc. Whenever we talked about gaming pc build first thing comes to our mind is the graphics card. There is two big company Nvidia and AMD makes graphics card though Intel has announced there first dedicated card and will be launch in future. But for now, you have only two choices. However, there is only two, people always do mistakes during purchasing. Both brands make better video card or graphics card. I don't think there is any just flat answer or point to say that one is better than the other.

Usually, AMD comes the table with budget their price range is not so high from that perspective AMD beat Nvidia. Honestly, those things are cool goals for AMD getting the absolute best prices to the market to get the graphics card to you people. Now as far as your gaming goes you're gaining experience I don't think there will be any visual differents, mean to say that you sitting in front of your computer and gaming I don't really think you are going to see that much any difference. Now its true that Nvidia has hardware physics and AMD has software physics but still, I don't think you notice any issues. I am talking strictly about gaming you do only gaming on your computer not other things like streaming or video editing or rendering.

|Graphics card comparison|GPU compare:AMD vs Nvidia|Best and less|

Nvidia has G-Sync and AMD has free-sync(these are same but the name is different) and that's is the huge advantage you get from Nvidia card If you don't know what is G-Sync and free-sync these are basically the technology to help your monitor to work in sync with your video card or graphics card to eliminate screen tearing and all the other type of things in game that makes the gaming not so nice. As sounds AMD free -sync is completely free you have not pay for that and that is the software solution but the Nvidia's G-sync cost you few bucks more because is the hardware solution there is a physical chip inside your monitor for better sync with the graphics card If you are a hardcore gamer g-sync is very very important. Free-sync is good but g-sync works better.

If you plan to purchase a video card right now, and you're like hey I really really want a good deal honestly the best deal I can suggest right now across the board is even though it's older technology is an RX 580 and that cost you $300.It competes almost with 1070 it's a little bit slower in some cases but there's $200-$250 price difference between two cards.
|Graphics card comparison|GPU compare:AMD vs Nvidia|Best and less|
So here is the break up if you're a gamer and that's all you do you play games every day you're looking for a card that's going to produce lots of fps it's going to run nicely on your computer getting your self a GTX 1080 or RX 580. As long as you have the proper drivers and your card is running fine your gaming experience other than the fps is going to be pretty much same.

Like I mentioned before the big difference between two is the g-sync and the free-sync if you want the absolute best performance you want hardware solution then definitely you can go for Nvidia but it's cost you more money. If you are in a budget the RX 580 right now really really great deal.
I honestly hope that we see a new card from AMD very very soon because you guys all know the vega 56 and 64 even though they were kind of cool they still were not even what er are looking for or what we expecting.

Wednesday, September 12, 2018

|PC VS CONSOLES|Which is better?

pc vs console
There is a huge war still going between pc and consoles in the gaming industry. Everyone thought is different some of you says pc is better or some of you says consoles are better. If we talked about facts

#Fact 1:

A high-end gaming pc gives you much better performance compared to consoles(PS4, Xbox). The graphics quilty of the pc as compared to a normal console will much better.

#fact 2:

At which price you get a console and if you build a pc with a similar price you wouldn't get that performance which a console can give you. So there comes out two-point, performance? or how much your budget?.

#Fact 3:

In a console you can only gaming or little bit internet browsing, play youtube videos. But in gaming pc, you not even play a game also do all the other thing which a computer can do, because its whole a computer right. So that's an advantage you get here.
pc vs console


If we talk about portability or flexibility, you just connect your console with your tv, sit on your couch or sofa and play games. But for a pc, not that case you do not feel that flexibility, you have to sit on the chair and using keyboard and mouse on a small screen. Talk about Xbox Kinect feature where you can play games by standing in front of the tv which you can't do with pc. So the question is what you want If your budget is so high I will recommend building a high-end gaming pc and if you can connect it with your Tv(ha ha ha), if you can not do that so there is no make any sense. You could do that bought a console(Playstation or Xbox) connect with the tv and keep a normal computer for the other works. But if your mood is top of the line gaming with ultra high-end graphics so that case you have to build a gaming pc but mind you the price of that pc will so much high.
pc vs console

All the gaming titles or new release game definitely came first for a console as compared to pc. If you buy a PS4 and use the remote play feature you can play PS4 game easily anywhere not only PS4, Xbox can do that. So there is totally depends on you what you want.
Graphics quilty definitely PC. Low budget graphics definitely gaming console, flexibility: a gaming console, productivity: PC, easy of access definitely console.
I think you understand the points and able to choose for your needs.

Monday, September 10, 2018

|Bottleneck|What is bottleneck in pc?How to fix bottleneck?

What is the Bottleneck?

If you first time plan to build a gaming pc you should get familiar with term bottleneck. What is that mean and how much it effects on your gaming performance? How to find them and how to avoid bottleneck.
Before we start talking about the pc component lets take an example, imagine a bottle of water and let's turn it upside as a result we can see the waterfalls down only at a rate which the opening allows. The wider opening the rate of waterfalls will be faster and if we smaller the opening, the waterfalls rate will be decreased. Let's implement the same concept for pc.
Imagine that instead of water we have frames and these frame displayed on your monitor. The bottle opening represents any component in your system that may restrict the number of frames that could potentially be displayed. That is called bottleneck. The most common in pc gaming is CPU and GPU bottleneck.

CPU bottleneck:

CPU bottleneck means it will be restricting the potential number of frames being drawn from your GPU. Your CPU is not just powerful enough to cooperate with GPU. Consider a game which runs on 60 frames per second equal to 1 frame every 16.67 milliseconds. The CPU sending some data including texture, shaded, rendering objects to the GPU render this frame and displayed to monitor. During the rendering, CPU prepare the next frame for GPU which to be rendered. So here is no bottleneck. The CPU and GPU both take the same time(16.67 milliseconds) to perform their task.
If CPU is weaker but the GPU is powerful the time taken by CPU and GPU will be different.GPU render faster than CPU can prepare them and this is right here bottleneck.GPU can render the frames every 16.67 milliseconds but the CPU needs 25 milliseconds to prepare them. That 25 millisecond CPU is doing many works, preparing the frame date such as AI, game logic, physics and other background tasks that may be occurring in other programs these tasks increase the load on the CPU.

That's why some games are CPU intensive than others for example call of duty multiplayer is quite CPU intensive. As there is a lot of network data, game logic, and physics to handle.Whereas riding your horse in Witcher 3 is a lot less CPU intensive.

GPU bottleneck:

Despite CPU bottlenecks is a bad thing when it comes to gaming. A GPU bottleneck is actually desirable essentially what this means is that your CPU is processing all of the data faster than GPU can render it resulting in 100% utilization of your GPU. At first, that sounds bad right but seeing your GPU is what renders and displays the frames to your monitor in the first place the fact that it is rendering 100% of the frame that it possibly can is a good thing and that's exactly what you want when you are gaming.

How to fix bottlenecks?

There is no permanent solution to fix 100% bottleneck but few ways that you can reduce CPU bottlenecking in your PC and improve your gaming performance. Close the all background task and program which is unnecessary all those chrome tabs that you forget. You'll able to reduce the load on your CPU and hence the game data process lot faster. You can overclock your CPU it'll be able to process the game date a lot quicker. For the permanent solution, you have to change the CPU.

Saturday, September 8, 2018

||LAPTOP VS DESKTOP|:which one you should buy for gaming?

Laptop vs Desktop: Which one you should buy for gaming?

laptop vs desktop

you all know about games and gaming even if mobile game, pc game, and console or might be you have played some mobile games but in mobile, you may not get that awesome gaming experience or the environment. You probably heard about pc games or even see gameplays on a computer and you also want to play on pc. But if you go out and search for a computer you find there is basically two type of computer available in the market for gaming. Yes, a gaming laptop or gaming desktop. You might be wonder which one you should buy, which gives you better output for gaming or even in other works.

What is the different between a normal computer(laptop or desktop) and a gaming computer?

Guys, The main difference is in their usability like for which purpose you going to use the computer? Normal computer made for doing normal task, like for office work, doing class projects, check emails, data analysis or for the entertainment can do all of this on your normal computer but you can't do gaming on that, for gaming you must need a high-end computer or you could say a gaming computer. Though all that normal works you could easily do that the majority of purpose is for gaming, not the other things. And that makes a gaming computer deference from others.

But why people not buying or build a high-end computer rather than a normal computer? well, the main reason is "cost" a gaming computer is way more costly than a normal computer.
OK, Now here are some important points to find which is better for gaming a laptop or a desktop. or which one you should buy. The points will be based on only for true gaming.

Which is better?PC VS CONSOLES

1.Buying affordability:

straightforward to the point if you don't want to stick to buying lots of parts then fit them or you have no time to sit properly and research for the perfect can go for the gaming laptop. Just go the shop and choose the machine and the which company's you want to buy and bring that home, how much time and effort you spend? nothing. The good thing is that if you faced some problem on gaming laptop just call the company from which one you bought that laptop and tell your problem or go to the service center that's it, rest of the work leave on them.

But if you going to build a desktop you have to buy all the individual parts one by one and that's might be time-consuming. Going to the market searching for the correct parts for your needed and that really hard for a new gamer. If you find that this part is not working properly, go again to the shop and replace that.As you bought different parts from different companies so there is nowhere you can go for service. You need to do repair it your self.

2.GPU performance:

For a gaming laptop or desktop, GPU is the main important component or you could say the heart of the gaming computer. With out graphics card nearly impossible to run a 3D game. You might heard some of graphics card Nvidia GTX 980 or GTX 980m, so what the different ? Graphics card is a little bit bigger than other components, to install a graphics card you need space and on a laptop, there is nearly no space. So the company made a mobile version of the GTX 980, which is GTX 980M.So the can fit it into the laptop.
laptop vs desktop

If you talked about desktop you could easily fit that graphics card because there is so many space in a desktop cabinet. Talking about performance GTX 980 is gives much better performance then GTX 980M. The same rule applied on AMD graphics card. If you compare the AMD Radeon R9 380 with AMD Radeon MR9 380 you will get only half of the performance on mobile version as compared to a desktop version.
laptop vs desktop,nvidia gtx 1080t

Nvidia 10 series graphics card the GTX 1050, GTX 1060, GTX 1070, and GTX 1080, have dropped the 'M' from the end of the number when designed for a laptop. Because now you can expect almost the same performance from both version but still there is a 5-10% difference.

3.RAM upgrade:

laptop vs desktop

For gaming, you do need high amount of RAM. More RAM, more smooth gameplay. Yeah, need to upgrade RAM after a certain amount of time. All the newest or latest game need at least 8GB RAM so this is important to upgrade. In a gaming laptop, you do get a slot left so you could easily put another ram stick, for a gaming laptop you could upgrade easily up to 32GB. which is a good thing.
On the other hand, you can also upgrade on a desktop. all gaming mother board support 64GB or even more then there will be not any problem regarding ram upgrade.

4.Upgrade and Flexibility:

In a gaming desktop, you get much upgrade option or flexibility compare to a gaming laptop.In a desktop, you could upgrade or change anything you want in future so easily. If you have a desktop already or want gaming on that you just need to upgrade you GPU or may be your CPU at least you don't need to buy again all those parts which you already have or may be your cooling system  because for gaming system produced so much heat so its most important to keep cool your desktop. But if you want to upgrade laptop you can do only ram upgrade or the hard drive that's it nothing more. You have to buy a new gaming laptop with good graphics

You just need to lose those 4 screws of the side of your cabinet and you ready for fit new parts but when you try this with a laptop you even not find where the screws are placed. opening a laptop such a complicated work. You might think I can carry out the laptop where ever I want, but one thing remember gaming laptop is way heavier from a normal laptop you can't carry easily you have to keep put on a desk.


The main point comes is the price. For gaming laptop with a decent gaming performance, you need to set your budget over 70000rs as laptop's all parts comes from only one company you haven't any control on price. All good company's which make gaming laptop cost you at least that much price or if you go lower you may get low performance, though you can still gaming on that but not much performance you get. On the other hand If you try to build desktop you may need to buy multiple parts so on you have fully choice to how much price I want to spend on that part,you pick some part with low price or pick some with high price and that's why the over all cost of the computer is much decrease. A 60000Rs gaming desktop gives you better performance with  the same price of a laptop.


So at the end, after all the necessary point are covered I would suggest go for a desktop. Because from all points of view if you go for build gaming desktop you wouldn't face any problem and if you consider gaming laptop it would help some period time but in future, you will have no option to upgrade, you have to buy another one. But for desktop, not that case.

If you don't know how to build gaming desktop check it out
Gaming PC under 60000Rs

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Dying Light 2:game overview,release date,trailer and more

What is dying light 2:

Dying light 2 is an upcoming first-person perspective survival horror role-playing video game developed by Techland. It will be the sequel of 2015's original Dying light. The game has been announced at E3 2018 press conference by the narrative game designer.

dying light 2

Dying light 2 game overview:

Dying light 2 is not just the sequel this will be the bold sequel. Dying light 2 comes with more challenging more action and a whole new world. The parkour movement highly upgraded or doubled and faster that's help you when you being chased by the human or even the infected. .The first person melee combat system is now more tactical, more brutal with lots of new moves. In the battlefield you have to observe your enemies, you have to see what they're doing you have to react to that, you have to use your parkour moves skill, fighting skill to deal with the enemies. In the game, you have to make some decision some choice through the gameplay, or dislodge or during exploration. Every different decision will have some consequence takes you to a unique path, not only path also change the world and the gameplay.
dying light 2
The game takes you in time 15 years after the event of the original dying light. Techland describes this time period as the "new dark age".In dying light 2, the plot is organic, depends on you how you handle or response in that situation in the zombie apocalypse. Your action will change the world around you.

Unlike Dying light, the infected appear in the night. The game focusing daypart for see that the law enforcement around you and might be thinking I am safe, all the guards around us. But you have to recognize them, they see you as a new character they have to aggressive with you and that really change the whole situation and then you have to compete for mission taking a decision.

Dying light 2 release date:

About the date, there is no any official confirmation from Techland. But Techland did announce that the game will be launched in 2019, next year

E3 Gameplay world premier:

E3 2018 announcement trailer:

Tuesday, September 4, 2018


Upcoming games in 2018:

Here are some upcoming new games 2018 for PlayStation, Xbox One and PC

1.Shadow of the tomb raider:

upcoming video game 2018
Shadow of the tomb raider is upcoming single-player action adventure game developed by Eidos Montreal. The worldwide initial release date is set on 14  September for three major platform PS4, Xbox One, and PC. The main featuring character of this game is Lara Croft. This game is the squeal of 2013 Tomb Raider and 2016 Rise of the tomb raider. The games take you in time two month after the event Rise of the tomb raider. The player travel and adventure through Mesoamerica and South America to the city of paititi. Player battling against the paramilitary force trinity. The player can explore the world collecting item through their journey for surviving and used for crafting, weapon upgrade.

2.Fifa 19:

upcoming video game 2018
Fifa 19 is the upcoming Football simulation game developed by EA Vancouver and EA Bucharest
.The game will be released on 28 September for Nintendo switch, PlayStation, PC, Xbox One, Xbox 360. Fifa 19 comes with UEFA champion league, UEFA Europe league, and UEFA super cup competition. The story mode is available in this game. In story mode signs for real Madrid and becomes their star player after Cristiano Ronaldo. Cristiano Ronaldo appears as the cover page of the regular edition while he and Neymar appear on the champion and ultimate edition pack for the game.

3.Assassin's creed odyssey:

upcoming video game 2018
Assassin's creed odyssey is an upcoming action role-playing single-payer video game developed by Ubisoft Quebec. It will be released worldwide on October 5,2018 for PlayStation, Xbox One and PC. It is the successor to the previous title Assassin's creed origin and eleventh major installment in the assassin's creed series. The player will be able to choose the gender of the main character. The game takes place you in the year 431 BCE fictional history. In the game, there are so many ways to explore Greece. The game contains so many dialogues and so many possible ways to end up. Player dissension will shape the game. The layer battle against the enemies by their extraordinary combat skill.

4.Call of duty: black ops 4

upcoming video game 2018
call of duty: black ops 4 is an upcoming multiplayer first-person shooting game developed by Treyarch. The worldwide release date of this game set on October 12,2018 for playstation4, Xbox One, and PC. It is the sequel of previous game call of duty: black ops 3.unfortunately this game has no single-player mode. Call of duty: black ops 4 experienced you with most thrilling, critical grounded battle combat against enemies variety of new weapon, map, and modes. A new battle royal mode will be added in this game

5.Battlefield 5

upcoming video game 2018
Battlefield 5 is an upcoming first-person shooter video game developed by EA DICE. The game will be released worldwide on November 20,2018 for PlayStation, Xbox One and PC. It comes with single player and multiplayer mode. The game focuses on party-based feature and mechanics, removing 'abstraction' from game mechanics to increase the realism. Battlefield 5 allows the player to customize and create multiple characters with various cosmetic weapon option. After completing in-game objective the player rewarded with cosmetic item and currency and use them in the game to purchased things. The game feature so many multiplayer modes such as continuing, campaign mode, tides of war, royal and grand operation.


upcoming video game 2018
Hitman 2 is an upcoming stealth single-player,multiplayer video game developed by IO Interactive.It is the sequel to the 2016 game hitman and will be the seventh installment in the hitman series. Hitman 2 gives the player brand new campaign,new mission.The games takes you in 6 sandbox location.The brand new environment helps the player assassinate the target in creative way.The player get multiple opportunity to take out their target.The player working for the International Contract Agency travel all the location to eliminate high-profile target.The game features six missions.The player allows carry large weapons such as sniper rifles in public.

Just cause 4:

upcoming video game 2018
Just cause 4 is an upcoming single-player third-person action-adventure video agme developed by Avalanche Studios.The world wide release date of this game is December 4,2018 for playstation,Xbox one and PC.It is the sequel to 2015's just cause 3 and it will be the fourth game of just cause series.The game is located in a fictional south american country where the main character Rico Rodriguez recuuring paramilitary group of black hand.The player jump through a plane with their wingsuit explore the whole fictional south america with 1024 square kilometer discover new things.Battle aganist the enimies in extream weather conditions such as lightnig strome,thunder just cause action to insane new hights.The game delivering with awsome graphics and insane physics to feel the player more realism.

Sunday, September 2, 2018

GAMING PC:Under 60000 RS

Gaming PC build under 60000 rs

This is the Intel-based Gaming PC, we going to use I5 8th gen CPU as you know guys Intel is the king of gaming so the PC is completely based on Intel.Intel single core performance is much better than AMD as though AMD offers you more core and more thread but games only use maximum 4 core even today's latest game came with 4 cores. So no matter how much core and thread have in your Gaming PC. That's why in gaming single core is very very important.


gaming pc
I will be used the Intel Core i5-8400 which is the 8th gen CPU, its online market price is around 13,000 Rs and if you buy offline you might get some discount, again it's your choice. The Intel Core i5-8400 based on 14 nm technology. this processor has 6 core and 6 thread its base frequency is 2.8 GHz and max turbo frequency is 4 GHz.Also can be overclocking with this CPU to gain more performance. The TDP of this processor is 65w and 9mb smart cache memory. This CPU will surely helpful for budget gaming.


gaming pc
Looking for the motherboard ASUS B360M-K will be the best one. It is around 7000 Rs again if you purchased from a local shop you will get a discount. This motherboard supports all type of 8th gen CPU so there will not be any problem to purchased an 8th gen CPU. Whereas if talking about old time there is only available X370 which was the very expensive option and goes completely out of the budget. This motherboard based Intel B360 chipset. This motherboard has 2 memory slot and easily insert up to 32 GB DDR4 memory. The good thing is that in 7000 Rs price point you get M.2 socket support, which is good for the future upgrade. Talked about the form factor this motherboard has 86X form factor. Its LED emulation makes it a better look.


gaming pc
I have chosen Adata XPG Z1 series 8GB ram stick which is a DDR4 type with 2400MHz speed, As we use only one 8GB DDR4 memory so there is one space left on the motherboard which can be used for the future upgrade. I think 8GB is perfect for the gaming. the price of this ram is 6,500. In this ram stick heat, snicks are pre-installed which helps the stick to keep cool. The price of this ram stick is 6,550Rs

Graphics cards:

gaming pc
The most important thing to build the gaming PC the graphics card. Here I choose Gigabyte GTX1060 6GB variant. Its price is around 26,500 Rs but the offline market could get at a cheap price. If you pair this card with i5 you definitely get a good performance and easily do gaming in 1080p on high to ultra settings with 60 -70 fps. Talked about the spec of this card the base clock speed is 1531 MHz and max turbo boost speed is 1746 MHz, the memory clock of this card is 8008 MHz and its memory size is 6GB GDDR5, the memory interface is 190 bits. This card does support Direct X 12. Also get 3 years warranty 

Power supply:

gaming pc
I choose Corsair VS550. Its price is 3000 Rs. This power supply is so much efficient and its quality is so good .personally I used this power supply for my own get all type of cable to include it and the quality of this cable also so good. The best thing I like about the power supply that the cables are split cable which improves the overall look of the Gaming PC. This power supply has over voltage, under voltage, over current, short-circuit feature which is good for safety purpose. For 3000 Rs this is the best power supply I can suggest you guys.


gaming pc
For the storage here I choose Seagate 1TB hard drive.Price of this hard drive is 3500 Rs. The cache memory is 64MB its read and writes speed is so good. I think most of the Indian are use this hard drive At least 1TB storage is a must for any Gaming PC. There is also can be used SSD of 120GB or 250GB for speed up the boot time of the Gaming PC but SSD comes more expensive if compared the price with HDD. 


gaming pc
taking about cabinet I suggest Antec DF500 RGB. Price of this cabinet is 4,500 Rs. This cabinet has so unique looking design on the side there is full size tempered glass which makes the look so premium At the front side there are 3 RGB fans which can be controlled according to your color scheme. In this cabinet LED modes are available like single color change, breathing mode also pulsing mode. If the motherboard from ASUS and support ASUS aura so the RGB fans can directly be connected and can be controlled from ASUS aura software