Thursday, August 30, 2018



Here are the best 5 PC games released in 2018

5.Monster Hunter: World

best pc games
Release:August 9,2018
Genre(s):action role-playing
Steam rating:6/10

Monster Hunter: World is an action role-playing game played from the third-person perspective developed by CAPCOM.It was released for pc on August 9, 2018. In the game the player's task as a role of a hunter. The player travels through a whole new world. Join the research commission to study the land from their command base of Astera. The hunter tasked to hunt and either kill the monster. The player obtains loot as a reward from the killed monster and also rewarded from completing task or item collected during hunting. The player can use the reward for crafting weapon(long swords, bow or hammer), armor. The games core loop is that the player fights with monsters to obtain the loot to craft improved weapon and armor to allow the player to face a more powerful monster. As this is a single-player, multiplayer game, the player may hunt alone or a group of four players.

4.Far cry 5

best pc games
Release:March 27,2018
Genre(s):Action-Adventure,First person shooter
Steam rating:6/10
Gamespot rating:7.6/10

Far cry 5 is an action-adventure first-person shooter game developed by UBISOFT. It was released for PC/PS4/XBOX on March 27,2018. It is the 5th no title in far cry series after successor of far cry 4Far cry 5 is an open world environment game in which the player can explore freely. The player takes a role of a set character and completes their task. The player can customize their character, weapon. every time completing the mission the player is rewarded by some coin or points which can be used for customization. The game takes you in Hope country, a region of Montana.players controls an unnamed junior deputy sheriff who becomes trapped in hope country. In the game, the player has to liberate and capture the outpost by killing or take down the enemies

3.Warhammer: Vermintide2   

best pc games
Release:March 8,2018
steam rating:7/10

Warhammer: Vermintide2 is a multiplayer first-person action game developed by Fatshark. It was released on March 8,2018 for Microsoft PC. The game is set in the fantasy fictional universe. The players can team up with a group of four players, fight with the chaos army and a race of rat-man also know as the Skaven. In this game, the player has five different choices to select their character with a unique set of skills and abilities and each character has a 15 different unique story. After completing any mission the player is rewarded with game loot.

2.A Way Out

Best pc games
Developer:Hazelight studios
Release:March 23,2018

A Way Out is an action-adventure third-person perspective multiplayer game developed by Hazelight studios. It is released on March 23,2018. The game has no single player option only playable within online mode or local split-screen co-op with two players. The two main characters Leo and Vincent controlled by two players at the same time. Player has to choose the character at the beginning of the game. Leo and Vincent are two convicted prisoner who must break out of prison and run away. player need to cooperate with each other to successes the mission. when once a player controlling their character while another player watching the cutscenes. The game has so many outcomes, each situation can be different, with both characters taking the different role. In the game the player faces many challenges, using guns to fight against enemies and policies to make their way.

1.The Forest

best pc games
Developer:Endnight game
Release:April 30,2018
steam rating:9/10

The Forest is an open world first-person perspective survivor horror game developed by Endnight game. The game release with the final version on April 30,2018. The player can explore the world, creating stuff like weapon, shelter and other tools for surviving. The game takes you on a heavily forested area in Columbia, Canada. The player and a young child crashed a plane into that forest. There is no set of mission or task the player has to survive with own strength and skill. Player and the young child help each other to survive. They have to fight against enemies using stealth or custom build weapon with the attachment of sticks and stone.