Sunday, October 7, 2018

40000 Rs-45000 Rs budget gaming PC build India 2018


Talking about the first main thing is the processor. We used Intel i3 8100, based on 8th gen coffee lake architecture which is a quad-core processor. The base frequency of this processor is 3.6 GHz. You get 6mb smart cache memory and the TDP is 65W. The gaming performance of this processor is so awesome even if you upgrade your graphics card in future this processor doesn't bottleneck the GPU. With this budget, this processor is amazing in the market right now. The price of this processor is in the local market is around 8500-9000 Rs.


Gigabyte H3M10H
For the motherboard, we choose Gigabyte H3M10H. Now this motherboard does come with S2P variant where you wouldn't get the HDMI port but the features are all same. All though we will use a dedicated GPU so in that you don't need an HDMI port. This motherboard is totally compatible with the 8th gen coffee lake processor. The price of this motherboard is 4500-5000Rs. In the online market, the price is 5200-5500 Rs.


8GB corsair vengeance DDR4 2400MHz ram.
We will be using 8GB corsair vengeance DDR4 2400MHz ram. If you want you can go with G.Skill Ripjaws both are an awesome memory module and you get the same level performance with both of these RAMS. Here I choose corsair vengeance because it is a little bit cheaper then G.Skill Ripjaws. The market price of this RAM is 6000Rs. In the online market, there is not much difference, 6150Rs in Amazon India.

Graphics card:

 Gigabyte GTX 1050ti 4GB windforce OC edition
The most important thing for a gaming pc is the graphics card. For GPU, I choose Gigabyte GTX 1050ti 4GB windforce OC edition, this is a dual fan version puls this GPU comes with factory overclocked. With this budget for 1080p gaming, this is the best graphics card. You get this card so affordable price and gives you an awesome 1080p gaming performance. Talking about the price in the market you get this around 13800 Rs.


For storage, I will be used both Hard drive or SSD. For SSD I choose gigabyte 120gb SSD the price of this SSD is only 2200Rs. For the hard drive, I choose Seagate 1TB. The price of this hard drive is 2800-3000 Rs. You can use the WD blue 1TB version. both hard prices are almost the same.

Power supply unit:

 80+ bronze certified Gigabyte PB500 power supply
Now for this PC, the power requirement is not that much high but for the future upgrade, I used 80+ bronze certified Gigabyte PB500 power supply which is a 500w unit. The components used in this power supply so high quality and will give you a better performance. The price of this power supply is around 2800-3000. But the online market price is a little bit costly, around 4000Rs.

Tuesday, October 2, 2018

8 Video games you can play on 2GB RAM.

8 Video games you can play on 2GB RAM.
If you have a budget computer with low specs but still want to play games. This list of games you can play on your computer. You obviously can not play GTA 5 but there is some good game you would like.

1.Assassins Creed 1:

Oh my god, what a game. I play this game when I have only 2 GB ram and Intel integrated graphics. In this game, your role is of an assassin named Altair. Though he is an assassin, his goal is to spread peace. His enemies are templars, who also wants to spread peace, The game takes you time in pas thousands of years ago. You killed the bad king. You have some special power which made you different from others.
So good game, if you have 2GB RAM and integrated graphics easily can play this game.


I personally liked this game. The graphics of this game is so good. The storyline of this game is also good. You play the role of Deadpool, you know who is Deadpool he is a superhero. He has super healing power whenever he gets injured during a fight can be healed himself. 
Very interesting game. When I checked the minimum requirements I see only 2GB ram and Intel graphics can easily handle this game in medium settings.

3.Total Overdose: 

Total Overdose is an open world third person shooting game. Where you play a role of Ramiro Cruz who is a secret undercovered DEA agent take revenge for his father's and brother's died. Some corrupt DEA agent killed his father. The game takes you in Mexico gunfight with the gangster.

4.Project IGI 1 and 2:

legendary game of that era almost everyone plays this game. Here you play the role of an agent Devid Jones his name. This is a first-person shooting game. You have to complete the mission task completely alone. All the gears you have for gunfighting. So an interesting game. Part 1 is so easy but part 2 is a little difficult.

5.GTA vice city:

Yes, you can play GTA with 2GB ram with a dedicated graphics card. Tommy Vercetti main character of this game. This is an open world game you can do anything you want in this killing people, stole cars, basically all things you can do in an open world game. the graphics quality of this game is good. With 2GB ram you can play easily this game.

6. Assassins Creed Brotherhood:

This game is so popular among assassins creed's fan. This game can be easily played on a low-end computer. even if you have no any graphics card you can still play using intel integrated graphics. Play this game if you completed Assassin's Creed 1 and 2. The game takes you in Past timeline and becomes an assassin's. I am a big fan of Assassin's Creed series.

7.NFS Most Wanted:

NFS Most Wanted is a racing game. If you haven't played yet and you're a fan of the racing game, I recommend you should play this game. So good racing game. If you looking for a racing game for low-end pc you can play this game.

8.Left 4 dead:

This is a horror survival game. Let me tell you if you are a weak hearted person this game is not for you. Left 4 dead 1 and left 4 dead 2 both are the very good survival game. Basically, you have to survive in this game with your teammate, fighting with zombies You can play this online as well as offline. You can play easily this game on a low-end pc.
If you have Intel graphics media accelerator it will help you more.

Thursday, September 27, 2018

Intel Pentium G4560:Is it worth to buy?

Is it worth to buy Intel Pentium G4560?

Intel Pentium G4560 gives you highest performance at lowest price. In price, to performance, nothing can beat this CPU at its price point. Pentium G4560 destroy i3 completely why? because of the G4560 cost you half of the i3 processor and gives the same performance. First-time intel gives the hyperthreading technology with Pentium G4560.

Basic Specification:

➤14 nm architecture
➤2 cores
➤4 thread
➤Base frequency 3.5 GHz
➤Contains hyperthreading
➤Cache 3mb
➤TDP 54W
➤Intel HD graphics 610

You could pair this CPU with Nvidia 1060 for best of the best gaming experience on full HD 1080p at ultra settings. But I wouldn't recommend you because of it's not a balanced build. Look this CPU has some limitation, some of the game use more CPU power so if the CPU did not generate enough power the frame rate will drop. However, this processor gives you the best performance with high GPU demand games Ex: Rise of the tomb raider, where GPU more important than CPU.

The best GPU for this processor is Nvidia 1050ti, gives you a decent performance on 1080p at high settings. But if you want very high ultra settings on 1080p and doesn't want one single frame drops, in that case, you need GTX1060. Now you might be thinking why I said before that 1050ti is the best? Why I won't recommend 1060? The reason is in some games G4560 bottlenecked GTX1060.
I know most of you don't play strategic games for ex: Total war, Ashes of the singularity etc. In this type games, Pentium G4560 bottlenecked so roughly. Or if you pair with 1050ti and set the setting high the CPU will never be bottlenecked.

Another reason is if you 1050ti with any other powerful processor it will give you an almost same result. Because though you pair 1050ti with powerful 8700k but here the limiting factor is the GPU, not the CPU. The frame-time-consistencies will suffer on Pentium G4560 but it's nearly negligible. At the end, I would say in simple language this is an excellent CPU for those who want to build a budget gaming pc with a decent performance. I have personally no problem with this CPU.


➤Value for money
➤Best price to performance ratio.
➤Best processor budget gaming.
➤Can pair with 1050ti without bottlenecking
➤Do video editing.
➤Hyperthreading technology


➤Always out of stock in the market.
➤HD Graphics 610
➤Locked multiplier

Tuesday, September 25, 2018

15 amazing video game facts you don't know.

video game facts


We all know the Pokemon Go mobile game viral so much all over the world. Everywhere people just catching pokemon. You know Satoshi Tajiri named developer who created the full pokemon series was inspired by a butterfly. Yes, in childhood he had a wish to catch a caterpillar and saw them turn in to a butterfly.


I can bet, there is no any person who hasn't heard about Super Mario game. But the fact is Mario's last name/surname is also Mario. So the full name is Mario Mario. Mario can break the wall with his head,ehh so painful na...but the fact is if you look closely he actually lift his hand up then broke the wall.


You must be heard about devil may cry, this is a famous popular video game. This game had started with a failed resident evil game. During making, the game made as a resident evil game but that had failed, later on, the game made as a devil may cry.

super mario


If you don't know the world most expensive video game, let me tell you that is released in 2013 and that was the Grand theft auto 4(GTA 5). More than 137 million dollars was invested to make this game and the advertisement cost take 128 million dollars. Until now this is the most expensive video game.


Do you know Henry Cavill? I 'm sure you definitely know him. If you watch Superman movie the actor Henry Cavill was the Superman of that film. But you know he almost misses this chance to be a superman, the invitation call almost get missed because was he play world of war croft video game.


Microsoft Xbox was the first ever video game console which had introduced the HD Tv support. Before that time any gaming system couldn't support the HD Tv.

video game facts


Do you know PlayStation 2 was the first video game console which had introduced the DVD technology. Before that time in the normal gaming system not used DVD.


So many people told always you playing video is bad. Children couldn't concentrate their studies, getting violent. But many research says that who played actions video game their decision making power getting improved they can take decisions accurately, they can navigate quickly anything or they can find their partner easily in the crowd.


Jack Thompson who is a lawyer, sent a letter to Bill Gates and say that the peoples who were dead in Virginia, United State cause of gunfire just because of you and your operating system. There is a very famous game CS: Go only for windows computer and for that people inspired and did gunfire in public. Which make no sense.

video game facts


You might get shocked that Rockstar games offer money to press for doing negative reviews on them


In 2011 a 46-year-old man tried to kill a 13-year-old girl just because in call of duty game she always kills the man in multiplayer mode. Sometimes a video game fight turns in to a real life-fighting situation. Which is wrong it shouldn't happen.

Facts 12:

You know so many types of video games are made. In  Australia, that type of game where use illegal drugs treated as a crime as child-pornography, that much strict rule has been made there. For example in any game shows or use illegal drugs which are so rare, that case this comes in a crime as child-pornography.

video game facts

Facts 13:

In South Korea, below 16-year-old kid, if playing video games after 12AM that treated as illegal.

Fact 14:

You might get shocked that Brazil taxes 120% on a video game. Because their old law says that video and gambling come into the same category.

Fact 15:

You must play the game donkey kong. Where a gorilla imprisons a princess then Mario saved her. But whats the story behind it? Basically, donkey kong is the pet of Mario. But Mario didn't take care of him properly, and that's why donkey kong takes revenge from Mario By imprison his princess.

Monday, September 24, 2018

What Is Cloud Gaming?Advantages and disadvantages.

cloud gaming,cloud computing
I am pretty sure to all you guys must be heard the term cloud gaming. But what is it? in simple language, this is a way or technique to play games remotely through another computer or a server. For proper understanding, we need to know what is cloud computing and how it is work

What is cloud computing?

You know whenever we use the computer we used some resources such as hard disk, network, etc. What happens in cloud computing is that one computer can access resources data from another computer or server, the computer can use the others computer resources from data centers. Share resources such as network, storage, processing power etc. The data centers or server spread all over the world. In a normal computer, there is a storage device(hard disk) for storing data but if you need more storage you can either buy a hard disk or use the cloud computing service. Cloud computing simple language you can say, a service or a way to share your computer resources, data, storage, network through online.
cloud gaming,cloud computing

Now the same method or concept used in cloud gaming.

What is cloud gaming?

You have a low-end pc but still, want to play a high-end game with good graphics in that case cloud gaming can help you. In cloud gaming, you can use all the resources such as graphics processing, rendering, network remotely on your computer from the servers through online. With the cloud gaming, you no need to build a highly cost gaming setup or purchased a console with powerful processing and graphics power. Just with your normal computer, you can feel the same gaming experience as a high-end gaming setup. You just use your keyboard and mouse, all the processing and rendering work are done on the server, through the internet you used the resources such as processing power, graphics rendering power, etc.

In cloud gaming, though you do not need any high-end PC, you must need a very good internet connection. Because the resources share through online and all the gaming data such as rendering the texture, graphics, shadow, game physics, game mechanics are heavily processing task. So you need a good connection. Else it could be a big problem. Low-speed internet connection can lag your game.
cloud gaming,cloud computing

Advantages of cloud gaming:

➤ Don't need to buy a high budget gaming machine. You would not need to upgrade your PC or console
➤you can play on a window PC, Mac, Linux according to your choice. No matter what type of computer you have. Cloud gaming make the game platform-independent.
➤No maintenance required. In cloud gaming, you don't need to maintaining anything. 
➤Some games require download of 20GB 30GB or even more. With cloud gaming, you can play instantly without download anything.

Disadvantages of cloud gaming

➤Gamers need a good internet connection without any issue.
➤High internet connection not available in some area.with affordable price That might be a problem
➤Gamer can't play if the connectivity fails for some reason.
➤Cloud gaming require lots of bandwidth. Playing a game for 1hr may use more than 25GB bandwidth.
➤There are no many companies provided cloud gaming service, but there are few options like
Gaikai, Onlive etc
➤Cloud gaming service charge applicable to playing games.